Stories have been connecting humans since the beginning of time. They’re how we understand people, places, things and emotions. They inform, delight, entertain and inspire us. They help us to make sense of a new machine, a complex notion or an enormous data set. A compelling story lingers well beyond its original telling, echoing for months or even years.

In the modern media world, it is also how brands connect with their consumers. Technology has given brands the potential to tell their own stories and whilst it can never replace an expert storyteller, it can make the creation process easier.

It was the belief in the power of storytelling that inspired Ben Gunn and Nathan Powell to found Fabulate in Sydney, Australia, in 2017. Fabulate puts the power of publishing in the hands of businesses – delivering access to talented content creators, collaboration tools that supercharge the publishing process and accountable measurement and insight tools that demonstrate results.

“We’ve worked for digital publishing businesses our entire careers, and were determined to create a product that solved a real need,” says co-founder Nathan Powell, “we’ve approached this from the inside-out with a real understanding of the challenges of content creation. Fabulate is purpose-built to guide you through all of the stages of content grief – from pitch through to publish and beyond”.

During the digital content uprising, the business model for commercialising content has also been challenged, with many creators moving from permanent full-time positions into freelancing.

Co-founder Ben Gunn explains, “​We knew the demand for quality content creation was only going to continue to grow. We wanted to find a way to marry the best of content creativity with the efficiency and accountability that technology can provide​.”

Our mission is to create a sustainable ecosystem for quality content creation. We achieve this by focusing on three things – quality content, increased efficiency and greater accountability.


Create high-quality content that engages an audience and encourages people to take notice.


Embrace technology and adopt a more agile and innovative approach to content production.


Provide independent measurement to prove content effectiveness and justify investment.