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    Fabulate is an invite only platform for seasoned content marketing professionals

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    Flexibility and choice of which jobs to take on, depending on availability, expertise, price etc.

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    Job-level communication via in-app messaging, enhanced by email notifications and reminders.

    Streamline Workflow

    Greater efficiency, via workflow process allowing for greater levels of content production

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    All jobs are covered by Fabulate's professional indemnity and liability insurance.

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    Once commissioned, a job is automatically sent for invoicing and we manage payment for you.

    At Fabulate, we believe in the power of expertly created content – and respect the value that professional creators bring to all forms of storytelling. We’ve created an easy way to access briefs and collaborate with some of Australia’s largest brands.

    Using technology, we want to reduce the stress in the commissioning and production of content, by centralising communication and approvals, use of a structured workflow and the automation of invoicing and payments. All with the goal of freeing up your time to focus on creating more content.

    Compete on ideas, not on price.

    With Fabulate, you don’t need to waste time gaming algorithms or bidding your minimum price for each job.

    All content briefs are clearly marked up front with the price for each job and your creative concept is what your commissioner will judge success. We call this ‘Creative Darwinism‘ – where the strongest idea is the one that stands out, and the one that survives.

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