The Fabulate content marketing platform makes it possible for everyone to succeed at creating quality content – access to talent, access to tools and access to distribution solutions.

Up until now, making content has been hard, but through the use technology we remove the ‘hard’ part, so you can focus on making content that drives results for your business and set you up for long term success.


Utilise specially created, cloud based tools to create your content.

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Prove the effectiveness with our measurement solution

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Extend the reach of your content through paid distribution

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Packed with features

A diverse range of content creation tools aimed at reducing the stress and increasing the velocity at which you publish your content. All of these, and more, are included with each content job, without ongoing SaaS fees.

  • Creator network
  • Content calendar
  • Standardised briefing form
  • Milestone notifications
  • Job level messaging
  • Structured workroom
  • Inbuilt text editor
  • Feedback markups
  • Automated invoicing
  • File management

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Get in contact to see how we can make the content creation process easier for your business.

“The Fabulate creators have listened closely to creators, as well as agencies and clients, in building their platform, and it shows. It’s an efficient way to produce high-quality work.”

– Jane Nicholls, Content Culture