Impressive tools, harnessed by an even more impressive team.

Creating great content is our forte! From cutting-edge influencer campaigns to polished branded content and targeted social media strategies, we're the seasoned professionals you've been searching for. Our in-house team, comprised of strategic masterminds, project management experts, and tech aficionados, ensures we deliver top-notch content swiftly and seamlessly. No stress, just exceptional results.

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Influencer Marketing Strategy

Fabulate views influencers as a complete marketing channel, tailoring strategies for brand goals—whether it's awareness, consideration, or conversions. From short-term launches to enduring ambassador programs, we forge lasting brand connections. Influencer selection harnesses our Discovery Database's performance data, tracking 200M+ influencers. This, coupled with human relationship management, social-first creative strategy, paid media, and meticulous tracking, ensures optimized and impactful campaigns.

UGC Content Strategy

Our always-on content strategy is data-driven, with ideas rooted in analytics. We collaborate with brands to transform these creative concepts into reality, shaping comprehensive social media strategies.

Branded Content Production

From written articles and SEO content to blogs, podcasts, and video solutions, Fabulate crafts engaging and diverse branded content to meet the unique needs of each brand.

Boosting and Distribution

Fabulate takes content beyond social platforms, extending reach through digital, social, native content articles on publishing sites, DOOH, and CTV. We take content outside of it's social box and take it IRL ensuring a broader and more impactful distribution.

We obsess about making great content

In a world drowning in mediocre content, Fabulate has made it our calling to develop content that packs an emotional punch and fosters memorability. We not only produce great content, we do it more effectively and efficiently for brands.

A completely transparent billing model for brands and agencies.

Think your creator budget can be working harder for your campaigns?We're on a mission to turbocharge your creator budget, making it work smarter for your campaigns. Bid farewell to the black hole of endless strategy and influencer recruitment hours—we're all about squeezing every ounce of value from your marketing budgets.

With Fabulate's commitment to transparency, your brand's success is not just a goal; it's the driving force behind every dollar, ensuring your campaigns reach new heights and deliver impactful results.

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Well versed in developing content for all advertising categories.

At Fabulate, we take every brand seriously - boasting experience across every advertiser category.

As proud AiMCO contributors, were not just experts, but understand the legal obligations of nuanced categories such as finance, health and telecommunications.

We defend brand safety fiercely, using proprietary technology and industry approved checks to make sure both creators and content match your brand values.

"Fabulate is changing the game when it comes to influencer marketing, by not only streamlining communications, production and distribution but providing technology that allows creators to be easily accessible to some of Australia and New Zealand's leading brands and agencies."

— Clare Winterbourn, Founder

"The Fabulate technology and tools made it easy for me to deliver the content and significantly reduce the time that it took to publish"

— Jack Munro

"Fabulate made everything simple. Not only was the content easy to manage, but it delivered against our goals! We saw a significant increase across all metrics and our content continues to drive leads today - long after their initial publishing date. By connecting production and distribution together it makes it very easy to get campaigns live and start driving results."

— Amy Stafford

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