Transform your content marketing production.

Move seamlessly from brief to content execution to distribution. Fabulate’s Workroom centralises all project stakeholders together in a single online space. Track your project from first draft through reviews and editing and publish within the platform.

The Workroom. Everything you need in one place.

Creators will pitch for your project and once you’ve selected the right person, you can track your project in the Workroom from initial draft to completion, with comments and feedback.

The Workroom is your centralised resource for all project stakeholders. All files and attachments are safely stored in the cloud and the status of your project is displayed as you complete each milestone.

Done? With one click, you can automatically publish your content to our network partners.

Digital Asset Management. It’s in the Vault.

Whether it’s written, designed, video or social, it’s in the Vault, where you can control it. What’s more, the Vault, our cloud-based storage system, gives you access on any of your devices remotely. You can preview and upload text, images, PDF’s, video or audio on the fly without having to download anything.

The Vault is a multi-platform digital asset management tool that lets you take control of your content across organisations or across the globe. Ideal for the remote working world, the Vault increases productivity, minimises user error and reduces costs.

One-click publishing to famous brands.

Once you’ve completed your branded content, all it takes is a click to publish it to some of Australia’s favourite publishers. From major media players to niche specialists, it’s easy to drive your content to the places that count.

You can also extend your content readership with targeted native advertising. Powered by Yahoo, you have access to targeted users in trusted editorial environments. All within the Fabulate platform.


Case study: Stockland

Making content hubs work hard for Stockland

Cutting through complexity

Stockland is a big player in the property development sector with a big team, lots of content, and a complex approvals process. We helped simplify their marketing with a bespoke content hub.

One source, smooth management

Content hubs are great for developing quality content from multiple sources. But the management can be time-intensive. Because Fabulate is a single platform, all the ideation and production is centralised.

All on the same page

From initial brief through selecting the right creator and developing the content, providing feedback, and publishing it, everyone’s on the same page. Following up with our native advertising tools made sure the content hits the right eyeballs.

Case study: uber

How Uber drove 150k readers of content

Driven by a single creative idea

When Uber wanted to scout for new drivers, they turned to Fabulate. With a single creative idea brought to life across multiple platforms over a four-week campaign, Uber used rich storytelling to inspire and engage readers.

Targeted native advertising was key

The result? More than 150,000 unique visitors with record page views and engagement scores. This was achieved through rich targeted native advertising giving Uber an intimate reach into their target audience.

A centralised process

Importantly, the process was streamlined and manageable. Approvals, version control, and communication were centralised on the Fabulate platform for easy access. This reduced production time and ensured consistency of the big idea.

Trusted by the countrY's largest brands

Mars Petfood
Royal Canin
"Fabulate has proven to be an extremely useful and cost effective tool in allowing us to produce content at scale."
Edward Brooks

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