Celebrating the creativity and craft excellence of creators in the Fabulate community.

How it works – Shortlisting
How it works – Finalists

It is with excitement that we announce the first Fabulate “Fab Four” Creator awards!

The recipients personify the qualities of creativity, professionalism, and customer service and consistently exhibit them in liaising with every customer. These creators went above and beyond with their interactions with customers in 2020 and we are extremely proud to be able to announce the first four winners.

Please join us in congratulating our inaugural winners (in alphabetical order)

  • Winner #1 Fabulate “Fab Four” 2020 – Jane Nicholls
  • Winner #2 Fabulate “Fab Four” 2020 – Kelly Wade
  • Winner #3 Fabulate “Fab Four” 2020 – Helen Hawkes
  • Winner #4 Fabulate “Fab Four” 2020 – Marcus Johnson

The road to selecting the shortlist for the Fabulate “Fab Four”

We are fortunate to work with so many talented creators. However, we needed to establish some criteria to develop a shortlist. To qualify for the shortlist, creators need to:

  • Respond to at least five (5) briefs in a calendar year
  • Complete five (5) or more pieces of content in a calendar year
  • Maintain an exceptional standard of work
  • Have an average of a 4.8 or higher star rating for client ratings
  • Respond to client requests in a timely manner, delivering on all agreed deadlines
  • Have positive feedback submitted by a client to Fabulate support

Stage 1:
The first stage is simple: our in-house editor reviews all creators who have completed five pieces of content or more and cross references their articles to the original brief.

  • Successful pieces of content will have been:
  • Delivered against the complete requirements of the brief
  • Developed in line with the needs of the target audience
  • Executed on the original creative concept

Each of these is graded out of a maximum score of ten.

Stage 2:
The second stage involves carefully reviewing each piece of content and grading it against the attributes of a great piece of branded content. An exceptional piece of content entertains and educates the reader while evoking emotions that drives action.

  • This review includes deliberating over the following questions:
  • Has the article been appropriately structured?
  • Does the content make the subject clearer for the reader?
  • Has the content been researched and supported by other sources?
  • Does the content tell a story?
  • Has the personality of the brand been adequately captured in the article?
  • Does a captivating headline accompany the article?
  • Is there data available to support results?

Each of these is graded out of a maximum score of ten.

Stage 3:

Each creator has a built-in star rating to their account. At the end of each job, we ask customers to rate their experience with the creator. This is not a judgment of creativity or quality of work, but a measure of the customer’s experience in creating this piece of content with you.

You can see your star rating by viewing your client facing profiles from within your accounts section. Reach out to your client at the completion of each job to get a testimonial.

Stage 4:

Each job in the Fabulate platform tracks the delivery of each task against client due dates. Submitting on or ahead of time is recorded against your account.

Note: client delays have been taken into account and removed from results. 

Stage 5:

Clients supply feedback either via the platform or to our customer support team. We use this feedback to help us educate creators, build our product and assist in the customer service of a campaign. 

The positive feedback we receive from customers on a creator’s work always makes us smile. The hard work and quality of the content make clients beam with pride. We capture all of this feedback.

Note: check out your client facing profile, you might have a testimonial from a client you don’t know about. You can view your profile from the accounts section.

The final steps in selecting the winners of the Fabulate “Fab Four” 

Once the editors have established a shortlist of eight creators, the Fabulate founders meet to debate who should take home the prize.

Prior to this session, our customer support team may reach out to the shortlisted creators’ customers for more information and examples to help the judging panel make their final decisions.

Each creator’s case is presented to the panel, requiring a majority vote to proceed. This process is repeated until there are only four remaining.