Building on the success of the original content management platform, the Fabulate redesign streamlines existing features, while adding some new tools that put you in greater control of your content output. Using platform data and user feedback, we have identified areas that can improve the content creation experience, increase the speed of production and make it easier to collaborate alongside your Fabulate creator.

No stone has gone unturned, with every pixel on every page painstakingly obsessed over, with user control a key goal in this update.

Here are the top 5 revisions and features that will make the life of a marketer easier when creating content with Fabulate.

The refreshed marketer dashboard

Insight: Make it clearer, cleaner, simpler.

We’ve reduced the clutter on the dashboard, making it easier to highlight areas of key importance. This means message notifications have been moved to the top navigation bar.

Organisation tables are now larger, with more white space allowing your eyes to be clearly drawn to status updates and elements of change. Using the ‘pitches’ column as an example, a new bubble (highlighting new pitches) will appear on login, letting you know when something is new.

Outside of the advanced filtering and search options, we are trialling a new ‘cards’ feature that allows you, at a glance, to see all of your campaign details in a different view. You now have the option to display your information in a format that you feel works best.

Let us know which dashboard format you prefer here.

Advanced content calendar

Insight: A calendar should make things easier, not create more work.

We soft-launched our content calendar late last year, as a way to learn the elements that are important to users when managing their content calendar. Through user stories, one thing we have discovered is that while people love the idea of a calendar, they hate having to populate one. With this in mind, all jobs will automatically be added to your content calendar at the briefing stage (including relevant data points that are captured here), and clearly outline status, key contacts etc.

You have multiple controls at your disposal as well (displaying by day, week or month) and the ability to filter down to specific details. Each job is clearly marked by one of four status (draft, active, in progress, completed) within the platform and allows you to jump straight into that job with just a few clicks.

For leaders of teams, you will be able to get a glance of all jobs in your organisation so you can manage resources in your group.

In future releases you will be able to make this work harder for you by inputting due dates (and times) for individual milestones from within the workroom.

Revised briefing form

Insight: Help me get my brief out to market faster.

The Fabulate briefing template has helped marketers provide the right details to creators so they can create better content, faster. We wanted to make the briefing form smarter and therefore it has been reordered so that elements build more easily towards the goal you are trying to achieve.

Where possible, we have provided the option to save your entries so that you don’t need to provide the information next time. Using the ‘tone, voice and style’ section of the brief as an example, you can enter this information once, save it to your client record and not only reduce time, but ensure consistency across jobs.

Refreshed pitch layout

Insight: Make it easier to read the great pitches.

Just as we’ve made changes to the pitch process for creators, so too have we made changes to the way creator pitches are displayed. You’ll see that everything is organised in accordion boxes, making it easier to sort through and identify the pitch that is perfect for your job.

You can also download a PDF of your pitch to share off-platform if you are looking for feedback or approval.

We’ve also made it available for the creator to message directly prior to them pitching with any questions that aren’t clear in the brief. We anticipate this will further increase the quality of pitch you receive from creators.

‘Skip to milestone’ workroom functionality

Insight: My copy is perfect, take me to editing/publishing.

The Fabulate workroom is designed to allow two rounds of client feedback, but a common issue we were coming across on jobs where you have worked with a creator before or they have nailed your tone the first time, was that additional reviews were not required.

Up until the redesign, this required admin system intervention. It will now be possible for you to do this yourself from within the workroom. With this feature, we hope that you will be able to work through jobs even faster.

These are just a few of the new features that have been included and will roll out with the redesign. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on them. If you’ve used the Fabulate platform before, you will still feel at home, but like you’ve just refurbished and renovated that home.

If you ever see something that could be improved, please let us know. Every suggestion is read and considered and a lot of the ideas above would not be live within the platform today if it weren’t for valuable feedback.

Plans are well under way for our next major release with the theme of collaboration. We think you’ll like what we have planned.