A story to remember

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Stories have been connecting humans since the beginning of time. They're how we understand people, places, things and emotions. They inform, delight, entertain and inspire us. They help us to make sense of a new machine, a complex notion or an enormous data set. A compelling story lingers well beyond its original telling, echoing for months or even years.Technology has given brands the potential to tell their own stories. Across multiple platforms and distribution channels, everyone has the power to be their own publisher. There are plenty of opportunities in this new world of brand journalism – and just as many risks. In that king tide of content washing over consumers, little of it is memorable and there's much that's more likely to irritate or confuse rather than engage and excite.Smart marketers know that storytelling is not marketing and that they need to work with experienced professionals to create high-quality content that will stand as a clear signal above the incessant noise.Professional storytellers have spent years honing their craft and know how to find the hook that will bring an audience into a story and deliver lasting impact. Think of it this way: a swimming coach with no coding experience would not find themselves entrusted with a job as a software developer, or vice versa.Likewise, a marketing whiz shouldn't be expected to create the effective storytelling that a journalist can, and a journalist wouldn't pretend they have the sales nous of their commercially savvy counterparts.Skilful storytelling paired with superior marketing has the capacity to place your brand in people's minds and keep it there.Whether it's a photocopier or a family car, an insurance policy or a holiday, a service or an event, experienced journalists know how to find the story and tell it in a way that's memorable, informational and relatable. They bring brand stories to life like no one else, grabbing attention and creating strong imprints of information, the holy grail for marketers.Despite all that common sense, many organisations still fail to embrace the storytelling mindset. Those who recognise storytelling as an expert craft and devote the appropriate resources to it are rewarded with a new level of impact. They don't mistake content marketing as putting more budget behind bland content and they focus on excellent editorial content rather than marketing messages.Fabulate is dedicated to this mission. We have identified some of Australia's most experienced storytellers and worked for more than a year in collaboration with those creators and leading brands to build a platform that makes content excellence available to brands of any size.Fabulate spans the content-marketing world from creation to management to measurement. Our local customer-service team ensures smooth interface between creatives and clients and the only thing that's working harder than ever is your content.Find the right creator to tell your brand story. We guarantee it will be a memorable experience.