An introduction to the Fabulate workroom

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Welcome to Fabulate's workroom, your destination for content creation. The workroom keeps you on track, on task and allows you to collaborate with others via the cloud. Before you dive into the workroom for the first time, let's introduce you to a few of its key features.

Content Creation Timeline

All content jobs that are posted within the Fabulate platform are governed by a structured workflow. The platform allows you to see exactly where a job is at any given time and notifies you when it is your turn to take the next step.As each milestone is achieved, the icon will be replaced by a 'tick'. As a commissioner of content, you are unable to edit the text within the workroom, however, you can still provide feedback through the Workroom Text Editor or the instant messaging service.

Workroom Text Editor

The workroom has a full content management system (CMS) capability allowing you to provide feedback for the creator. After clicking the

, the comment pane opens, allowing you to highlight your target text and add your feedback (by typing in the ""say something..."" box). Once you click 'save', this will append to the text and be viewable in the next round of review. Any text that relates to a saved comment will be highlighted in yellow.Note: your comments will only save when you have control of the workroom. For creators this is any of the draft stages and for clients this is in your review stages.You can review your comment at any time by clicking on the highlighted text with the comment pane open. Once this is resolved, or no longer required you can delete it (by clicking '...').Note: creators and proofreaders may reply to your comment with their feedback or confirmation of changes.

External Review

There may be more than just the creator and commissioner involved in the content creation process and we know that managing multiple stakeholders can be difficult. With this in mind, we have provided the ability for you to gain feedback from others via the 'external review' feature.Clicking on 'share this product' will launch an overlay that allows you to share your content job to others via a temporary login. This will send an email to the provided address that allows a user to login in, read the article and provide feedback (comments). Your invited recipient will receive a simplified view of the Fabulate platform, where they will only see the created content - there will be no access to measurement, messaging (outside of comments) or the creator. It is the perfect way to keep track of internal and external approvals and sign-offs.The external review is perfect for keeping legal, marketing, project management and external agencies across the work you have commissioned. Once they have provided their feedback you can decide what gets passed on to the creator for revision.


There is a lot of back and forth communication during the content creation process and we know correspondence can easily get out of control. It is for this reason that we decided to lock communication at a job level. This means that whenever you open up a content job, the last message you sent is displayed - saving you time flicking through your emails trying to find out what was the agreed next step.The messaging app provides the perfect record of all communication between you and a creator during content creation. Fabulate does not discourage phone communication between creator and commissioner but we do recommend a record is kept of agreed next steps within the messaging app.You don't need to constantly stay on the Fabulate platform to receive messages, we will email you a notification when you receive one.Note: we've recently launched a feature allowing you to communicate with your creator on the run by replying directly to the message email notification. Replying to the email automatically uploads to the messaging app!

What's next?

We are constantly reviewing, revising and improving the workroom. If you have a feature (or suggestion) you would like to see implemented, please pass on your idea here.