Creators Guide: How to Pitch for Content Jobs

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How to Pitch for Content Jobs

Now that you have your portfolio set up, you can start pitching for live jobs within the platform. We've made it simple to go from reading a client's brief to pitching for a job, in just a few short minutes.There are two places you can find content jobs on the platform - on your Dashboard (displayed under ‘Recommended Briefs For You') and in the ‘New Briefs' section. Clicking on the brief title will take you through to the ‘Content Job' page.

Pro tip: you can sort the list of jobs by genre to filter to your experience and interest. Keeping the genre section updated on your portfolio helps relevant briefs find their way to you.

The ‘Content Job' page features the details that form the brief requirements and is broken down into different sections. These are:

  • Summary: aspects such as the brand, pitch deadline, material deadline and budget
  • The Content: what is required as part of the brief, and how success will be measured
  • Target Audience: specifies who the end reader of the content will be
  • Tone, Voice and Style: specifies how it should read
  • References: any additional information that is relevant to the brief, including any attachments

The brief details will always remain on the ‘Content Job' page and will be available for you to review at any time throughout the content creation process.

Once you have adequately digested the brief, it's time to pitch. Click ‘My Pitch' in the top navigation bar of the ‘Content Job' page.We have worked with both creators and clients to make sure that we get the right balance between ensuring that clients have enough detail to make an informed decision and creators are not having to provide too much information before being commissioned for the job.

As a creator, we ask you to provide the following:

  • Pitch Summary: in the form of a title or tagline that conveys your creative concept
  • Outline: a brief synopsis of what you will create (a teaser of the full article)
  • Brand Integration: how you will bring the brand to life through your creative concept
  • Supporting Evidence: links to past work and examples that are relevant

Pro tip: the information in your ‘Pitch Summary' is the first exposure a client will have to your pitch. Below is an example of how this will be displayed to a client.

Note: For briefs that are only one article, your ‘pitch summary' will be very similar to the next section - ‘Written'.While it is essential to use detail so that your idea is conveyed, we recommend that this should be no more than a few hundred words in total.

For each article that is a part of the brief, you are also required to provide the following:

  • Pitch Summary: in the form of a title or headline
  • Outline: a brief synopsis of what you will create (a teaser of the full article)
  • Brand Integration: how you will bring the brand to life through your creative concept

If there are multiple articles, you are required to do this for each piece.Pro tip: the only people that can see your pitch are the commissioning client and you.Now that you have your creative idea down, it is time to provide the client with some examples and proof points around why you should be commissioned for this job.

  • Why am I perfectly suited for this job?We suggest providing examples of your experience and publication history for this genre or area of expertise.
  • Previous examples of my workWhile you can provide a link to your portfolio, we recommend supplying links that are relevant (as close as possible). This makes it easy for the client to visualise what you have created vs. what you are pitching to create.

From here, you click ‘Pitch', and the platform takes care of the rest, notifying the client that you have pitched for this job.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your pitch, it moves from the ‘Recommended Briefs' section on your Dashboard to ‘My Pitches'. All of your active pitches are located in this section. If you would like to see a full list of your pitches on the platform, they can be viewed in ‘My Pitches'.

You can edit your pitch at any time before the job is commissioned. To do this, you need to enter your pitch (by clicking on the ‘Pitch' title) and then click ‘Edit' on the section where you want to make changes.

Pro tip: once you have submitted a pitch, you can communicate with the client directly by using the IM window. The client might also use this to further refine your pitch prior to commissioning.Don't forget to save!Once you are finished updating your profile, make sure you click save. This will update your pitch in the platform.We're here to help.Send us an email at support@fabulate.com.au if you need help, and we can arrange a session to run you through the platform in more detail.