How independent agencies can better leverage their content marketing and streamline their approach to finding audiences

Ben Gunn
Fabulate workflow platform makes content creation and distribution easy

Fabulate Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer Ben Gunn talks about their new partnership with independent media body IMAA and how good content marketing with a sizable, tailored and engaged audience can be available to all brands of all sizes and on all platforms.

Content marketing has long since stopped merely being an industry buzzword and today it forms often an integral part of many media plans and campaigns. Traditionally the best content marketing brands have set up large teams that are well resourced to ensure they can create content consistently and at scale. 

Sadly pouring resources into specialised content teams is a luxury not all brands can afford and it is why we believe technology can provide a better solution. 

We at Fabulate exist for one simple reason: to give brands of all sizes the ability to simply and effectively execute great content marketing campaigns. 

A simpler way for agencies and their clients to brief

This year, Fabulate was proud to become one of the latest technology partners of The Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA) and our new partnership helps open up the Fabulate content marketing platform to the 120 plus member agencies that make up the industry association.

Where once a brand might have struggled to get a media owner’s attention on a smaller brief, Fabulate's platform is designed specifically to help brands and agencies unlock the power of a branded content studio with any size budget.

The platform makes it simple to brief and manage workflow. Using purpose-built technology we connect a brand or agency to a network of Australia's best journalists / content creators, streamlining the production through intuitive workflow management tools and then enabling seamless distribution across leading publishers and native ad tech solutions.

Brands realise the value of quality content but often necessarily don’t have all the resources internally to support a defined content marketing function and like all areas of marketing want to be able to maximise their investment. 

Independent agency Kaimera uses the platform across a number of its clients. Jade Harley Kaimera’s Partnership, Social & Content Director says: “Fabulate has been great for our business. Fabulate frees up resources and ensure campaigns can be delivered to the highest of standards.

“Through their effective workflow management tools myself and my team are able to spend more time working with our clients strategically rather than implementation, delivery and reporting which Fabulate handles with ease.”

To date we have also seen dozens of major brands including Uber, Virgin Australia and World Vision use the platform however, with this new IMAA partnership we believe it will see many of their member agencies capitalise on the opportunity that the platform offers to briefs which might not have fitted the traditional moulds. 

Using Fabulate for better distribution

When it comes to distribution and helping find an audience Fabulate can make things easier here too for independent agencies and their clients.

In the past a brand might create some unique content on its properties but then need to go to various partners individually to help them find an audience for the content. 

Fabulate makes distribution and bringing an audience to your content simpler allowing partners to get access to a number of leading publishing sites but in a way which is much more streamlined than traditional approaches.

With the click of a button our platform empowers you to bring your branded content to some of the biggest and more influential publishers in Australia and reach the right audiences who will engage with that content.

We can also help you measure the impact and effectiveness of your content with analytics tools designed to help you measure, report on and most importantly prove the effectiveness of the content you create and distribute.

Why Fabulate

We were founded to transform the way content marketing is done in Australia and make it simpler for brands and their agencies to commission and distribute their content.

Over the past few years, we have built a content marketing solutions platform that is a global first.

Our experience shows us that it's often in the independent agency space where many clients are looking for a simpler solution when it comes to content marketing.

We know that Fabulate can be that solution. A bespoke platform tailored for marketers and agencies doing content marketing in 2022 with one single purpose: to give brands of all sizes the ability to simply and effectively execute great content marketing campaigns.

If you would like to know more about Fabulate platform and how it might help the brands you work with please contact me at ben@fabulate.com.au.

Ben is the Chief Revenue Officer at leading Australian content marketing platform Fabulate 

About Fabulate

Fabulate was founded in order to transform the way brands and their agencies do content marketing. Our unique purpose-built technology connects Australia's best content creators, streamlining production through intuitive workflow management tools and enables seamless distribution across leading publishers and native ad tech solutions.

Clients choose to work with us because the Fabulate platform dramatically reduces the time and complexity in getting campaigns to market while providing significant efficiencies on production costs that can be reinvested into more content or additional media.