From the latest platform release (9/9/20), the Fabulate workroom will allow changes from clients as well as creators. This means that as a client, you will be able to take control of the workroom text editor and make small changes yourself.

How do I make edits in the workroom as a client?

In either the “first review” or “second review” stages, you can make changes to text. On the text editor toolbar, click on the edit button. You are not able to make changes when it is not your turn to make changes in the workroom.

After confirming that you would like to make changes, you can operate the text editor like a standard content management system.

Please note, that any changes you make within the text editor will overwrite what has been uploaded by the creator.

When should I use the client edit functionality? 

When making large changes or updates to the text, we recommend making a comment and getting assistance from your creator. This will ensure that the tone and style are consistent throughout the piece.

The ‘client edit’ feature is best used for:

  • Quick formatting issues
  • Changes that are relevant to your brand
  • Updates that you need quickly in order to meet a deadline
  • Updating hyperlinks

I’ve made some changes, what do I do next?

Make sure you save your changes. The workroom has auto save features, but it is always encouraged to manually save prior to leaving the text editor. If you navigate away from the page without saving there is no guarantee that this will save as a new version.

The workroom will prompt you prior to leaving to remind you to save your document.


For further assistance in using the client edit functionality, please contact support.