Introducing the Fabulate to-do list

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If you are anything like us, organising your workday often involves the creation of a to-do list. It gives you structure, helps you manage multiple projects, and allows you to prioritise your focus. Scribbling down the tasks you need to action on a project often brings a sense of relief (or dread depending on how many items you have outstanding). And who can deny the satisfaction of ticking off an item once done?Now imagine if your to-do list was automatically populated and notified you when it was your turn to complete a task. Introducing the Fabulate to-do list. The Fabulate to-do list is the latest feature to launch on the Fabulate platform. This feature will roll out to all clients, creators and distribution partners.How it worksFunctioning like an in-tray, when action is required by you (or a user in your team), it will automatically be added to your to-do list. It will take advantage of the milestone system of both the content and distribution workrooms - meaning it will only be visible on your to-do list when you have control of the workroom.What project types are displayed?Both content and distribution projects (all mediums and formats) will be displayed on your to-do list. If you have multiple publishing or distribution elements attached to your project, they will have separate entries to make it easy to stay on top of each job. Distribution tasks will only reach your to-do list once your content is ready for distribution. If you would like to view your job and communicate with your distribution partner, view your project in the distribution brief list.What is my task status?The task status is directly related to the milestone of the workroom that your project is managed within. Fabulate timelines are governed by a structured workflow that user types are bound to. Based on your user type, you will play different roles in the production and publishing of content.If you are required to action a task at this milestone, your name will be displayed in the ‘Action Required By' column. If you have recently completed a task, your name will be listed in the ‘Updated By' column.The ‘Updated' column keeps a record of when a user last completed a task. You will always receive an email notification when it is your turn to complete a task within the Fabulate platform.What happens when I complete an outstanding task?On completion of a task (advancing it within the workroom), it will disappear from your to-do list and move on to the to-do list of your creator or distribution partner. This project will only appear on your to-do list again if you need to action it further.You can always view your complete list (project view) of content or distribution by clicking on the corresponding section on the left-hand navigation bar.What happens if I do not complete an outstanding task?Missing a task on your to-do list has a knock-on effect on the rest of your project. This might include late delivery of creative assets or missed publishing run dates.The Fabulate platform may send you a reminder encouraging you to complete your task.Your to-do list works differently from your content brief list, as it breaks down your project into individual tasks and displays them separately. For example, your to-do list can track each piece of content attached to a project and display this information at an article level. Clicking on a to-do list task takes you directly to the element that requires your attention.How do I message a user involved in my project?Communication will continue to take place in the Fabulate platform. Messages are linked at a job level (to make it easy to stay on top of communication), and comments are linked to your individual piece of content.You can open the messenger app by clicking on the action button on the far right of the to-do list and selecting ‘comment'. The messenger app will automatically open on the right-hand side of the workroom. What's next for the to-do list?We will continue to evolve the to-do list to make it even more innovative and relevant to each user type. For creators, this will involve prompts to update your billing or recommend pitches based on your experience. For clients, it will include prompts such as awarding a job or reviewing pitches.We are also experimenting with different visual displays of the dashboard (such as KANBAN). We hope this tool makes your tasks easier than ever on the Fabulate platform.Got feedback? Let us know what you think and what features you would like to see added in future updates.