Meet the Creator - Sophia Auld

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Sophia Auld

Sophia is an intelligent, reliable writer who's super-easy to work with. She crafts compelling words to captivate your audience and enliven your brand. With 25 years of healthcare experience, she specialises in writing for highly-regulated industries, including the medical, pharmaceutical and financial services sectors. Sophia has written for brands including CGU Insurance, Mundipharma, Energy Australia, Integria Healthcare, GlaxoSmithKline, Ego Pharmaceuticals, Open Universities, AGL, Bupa, HCF and Defence Health.Her features have appeared in publications including The Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, MiNDFOOD, The Saturday Paper, Good Health, BBC Travel, Wellbeing, Domain, and Kidspot.We recently asked her some questions about her approach to content creation.

What is it you enjoy about creating content?

I'm incredibly curious and love learning. Creating content allows me to discover new things and talk to fascinating people who are experts in their fields. I really enjoy finding the right words to convey a clients' story in their unique tone and style. Getting feedback from happy clients makes my day.

Tell us about your journey to become a content creator

As a kid, I made up stories in my head and read voraciously. I wanted to be a writer but chose a 'sensible' career in physiotherapy. I loved hearing people's stories. Four years ago, I couldn't resist the writing urge any longer. I took some courses and now do content writing, copywriting and feature writing for a living.

What is the piece of content you are most proud of?

That's a tough question. I recently wrote a piece for Defence Health about the legacy of Private Paul Large; an Australian soldier killed at the Battle of Long Tan (timed with the release of movie Danger Close). Interviewing Private Large's sister was very moving, and writing the piece gave me a fresh perspective on war, family and sacrifice.

What value does content bring to a client's marketing strategy?

Without content, there is no 'marketing strategy'. Whether it's for a website, social media, print media or TV/radio advertising campaign, content is key. Content establishes thought leadership, drives brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales. And good content is vital for SEO.

What's your approach in bringing a client's story to life through brand journalism?

Everybody loves a good story. First, I need to know the client - what are their products/services, their values, their backstory. Next, I need to understand who is their target audience (or customer avatar or whatever you like to call it). Then, I can marry the clients' story with their customers' needs using communication skills honed from years of working with people.

How do you determine the tone, voice and style is right for a piece of content?

A good brief, reviewing the content they already have in place, and following a tone and style guide (if a client doesn't have one of these, I can help them write it).

What is the most useful thing a marketer can provide you in the brief that allows you to understand their brand?

If I had to pick one thing, it would be their values.

What makes successful content?

A great headline and opening paragraph (otherwise no-one reads any further). The best content is relevant, useful, engaging and fit for its purpose. Images and subheadings are good for breaking up chunks of text. It should leave readers thinking or saying something, e.g. 'Wow, I didn't know that', or 'I need to do this'.You can find Sophia and her creative portfolio on the Fabulate platform, by clicking and viewing her profile here.