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Last updated 27th November 2020

Fabulate Vault

Provision to incorporate use of a new Digital Asset Management product feature called “The Vault”

Updated terms relating to prohibited conduct on platform


Previous update 30th June 2020

Fabulate Creator Insurance

We’re excited to announce that all jobs that are commissioned and completed on the Fabulate platform from today will automatically be covered by Fabulate’s own professional indemnity and liability insurance policy at no additional cost to you.

Coverage details include:

  • Fabulate Insurance provided by CGU – one of the most reputable and innovative insurance brands in Australia.
  • $5m Professional Indemnity and $10m of Public and Products Liability Insurance cover for content jobs conducted through Fabulate.

For more information on the policy coverage, please click here.

Fabulate Distribution

We have been hard at work developing new ways to make it easier for clients to publish their content that is created on the platform. This means that from today clients will be able to take their Fabulate developed content and publish it to a range of premium publisher partners.

For more information about Fabulate distribution click here. Full package details, terms and conditions are available within the platform at the time of booking.

Future Notifications for Updates to Terms and Conditions

We have streamlined the number of email notifications that are sent from the platform, and from today you will be notified on platform (via popup) of any future changes that are made to our terms and conditions or privacy policy.

For any questions around what these changes mean for you, please send an email to

A full copy of our terms and conditions can be found by clicking here.

For more FAQs, visit the Fabulate FAQ section.