• Nine may require a Client to submit a completed Credit Application Form prior to Nine’s acceptance of  a Client’s order for services via Fabulate. 
  • All orders by a Client via Fabulate will be subject to Nine’s standard advertising terms and conditions as amended from time to time (available at https://www.nineforbrands.com.au/advertising-terms-conditions/nine-com-au-advertising-terms-and-conditions/) except that clause 11.1 will not apply and no agency commissions will be payable by Nine for services booked via Fabulate. 
  • A Client’s booking via Fabulate (once accepted by Nine) will be considered to be a signed “Insertion Order’ for Services for the purposes of Nine’s standard advertising terms and conditions. 
  • Nine reserves the right to reject any Client’s bookings at any time  for any reason.
  • Fabulate acts as the collection agent for Nine and Client acknowledges and agrees that Nine will have the right to pursue Client directly at any time for payments due for any services from Nine that have been booked via Fabulate.

Last Updated 27th July 2020