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Access experienced brand storytellers

Post a brief to our vetted community of professional content creators and find the right creative talent for your job. Receive ideas custom to your brief from subject matter experts that are delivered straight to your inbox.

Take control of your content

Manage approvals, revisions, versions, communication, team members and more with simple to use workflow management technology.


Distribute your content at the click of a button

Take your brand's content and distribute it to some of Australia's favourite publishers, all from within the Fabulate platform.


Real time, actionable content analytics

Digital metrics

Total impressions, time of day, location, engagement time etc.

Live dashboard

Updated as your content is viewed by your audience.

Survey results

Age, gender, intent to buy, share and learn more.

Easy to install

Download the pixel from the platform upload to your content.


Powerful tools from pitch to publish

Save time and maximise effort by using specially built tools for branded content creation.

Content workflow tools

Digital asset management

Australian based support

Centralised communication

Team content calendar

PAYG cost model

Suitable for content teams of all sizes and experience


The power of a publisher - ideation, production and distribution - at your finger tips.


Our cloud-based content workroom will give you the tools and structure to keep you on time and on task


Supercharge and streamline existing operations to free up your content team for future business.


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