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No creator fees

When you respond to brief requests in our network, you're in control of your own rates. If your proposal is selected, you keep 100% of the contracted price - there are no hidden fees or revenue shares.

Streamlined project management

No more back-and-forth emails or confusing processes - just a straightforward, easy-to-use platform that saves you time and stress, which means less managing clients and more time creating content.

Dedicated to supporting creators

Our network is designed to empower and uplift creators, providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Our clients will never ask creators to produce content prior to selection.

Easier payments

Once commissioned, a job is automatically sent for invoicing, and we manage payment for you - directly into your nominated bank account.

Empowering creator talent agencies

Representing creator talent? We respect the relationship between you and your talent. Our unique tools allow you to manage your talent's business opportunities without requiring them to join our platform. We'll never disintermediate your relationship, ensuring that you can maintain the connection and trust you've built with your talent.

Tools for managing influencers, designed specifically for talent managers

Our free talent management portal is the perfect solution to store all of your talent records. By doing so, you can easily keep track of important details such as audience statistics, past work, pricing, exclusivities, exclusions, and other interactions that your talent managers have with your roster. With a centralised record, you won't risk losing valuable intellectual property and can easily access and share information across your business.

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Tap into unique campaigns from brands, PR and media agencies.

With 50+ PR and Media agencies using the Fabulate platform, you unlock unique opportunities to work with the world's largest brands.

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We tell stories for all creative mediums.

If you are a wordsmith or you have chops in video, audio or visual design, we'd love to hear from you!  

We do things a little differently here - we complete on ideas rather than on price. Expect professional budgets, not low-price lotteries.  

SMEs and freelancers are welcome to join the community to collaborate on branded content briefs.

Become A Creator

"Fabulate is changing the game when it comes to influencer marketing, by not only streamlining communications, production and distribution but providing technology that allows creators to be easily accessible to some of Australia and New Zealand's leading brands and agencies."

— Clare Winterbourn, Founder

"The Fabulate technology and tools made it easy for me to deliver the content and significantly reduce the time that it took to publish"

— Jack Munro

"Fabulate made everything simple. Not only was the content easy to manage, but it delivered against our goals! We saw a significant increase across all metrics and our content continues to drive leads today - long after their initial publishing date. By connecting production and distribution together it makes it very easy to get campaigns live and start driving results."

— Amy Stafford

Creators will pitch for your project and once you’ve selected the right person, you can track your project in the Workroom from initial draft to completion, with comments and feedback.

The Workroom is your centralised resource for all project stakeholders. All files and attachments are safely stored in the cloud and the status of your project is displayed as you complete each milestone.

Done? With one click, you can automatically publish your content to our network partners.

Whether it’s written, designed, video or social, it’s in the Vault, where you can control it. What’s more, the Vault, our cloud-based storage system, gives you access on any of your devices remotely. You can preview and upload text, images, PDF’s, video or audio on the fly without having to download anything.

The Vault is a multi-platform digital asset management tool that lets you take control of your content across organisations or across the globe. Ideal for the remote working world, the Vault increases productivity, minimises user error and reduces costs.

Once you’ve completed your branded content, all it takes is a click to publish it to some of Australia’s favourite publishers. From major media players to niche specialists, it’s easy to drive your content to the places that count.

You can also extend your content readership with targeted native advertising. Powered by Yahoo, you have access to targeted users in trusted editorial environments. All within the Fabulate platform.


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