Place your content where it matters, when it matters

Fabulate has the right tools for you to reach engaged audiences in premium content environments. Our one-click publishing puts your brand in the right place at the right time.

Connected with Australia’s top publishers

When you work with us, you can select from some of Australia’s favourite content destinations. Our media partner packages include promotion and audience guarantees.

Good Food
The Age
Man Of Many
Boss Hunting
The Sydney Morning Herald

Branded content

The simplest way to publish branded content

One click publishing

It’s easy to take your branded content and distribute it to your choice of Australia’s premier publishers. It all happens with the click of a button from within the Fabulate platform.

Built in audience guarantees

What’s more, you’ll get guaranteed audience packages. And it’s risk free. The publisher is responsible for driving audiences and engagement across editorial environments.

Suitable for brands of all sizes

Big brand, small brand or mid-size brand? Fabulate has you covered. You can select from a variety of mass or niche publications to suit the unique requirements of your campaign.

native advertising

Transform the way you do native ads.

Align your brand with trusted editorial

Now you can combine unparalleled reach with deep data sets to create experiences that drive consideration and conversions.

Turn attention into intention

Our partnership with Yahoo! Native enables you to selectively place your content within high quality editorial environments in Australia’s largest native marketplace

The highest prompted awareness

More effective than search, social, end-of-article or display, native advertising leads awareness on all devices.

Social display

Transform the way you do social ads.

A new way of delivering an engaging message

Social Cards let you distribute exceptional social creative programmatically at scale and build effortless display variations on the open web within minutes.

Tell your story in a safe environment

Social Cards use well-known social ad formats, but because they run in premium publisher environments, you are dealing with Australia’s most trusted editorial publications.

Cost-effective and measurable

If you’re looking for increases in attention time, viewability, consideration and CTR’s, ask us about our case studies with some of the world’s leading brands.
"The Fabulate technology and tools made it easy for me to deliver the content and significantly reduce the time that it took to publish".
Jack munro

Would you like access to the latest tools that will optimise your content marketing’s potential?

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