Powerful analytics that your team can use

Make each piece of your content work harder by giving your entire content team access to insight led data.

Included as a part of every Fabulate content job.


You can’t manage, what you don’t measure

Use real-time data to track the performance of your content. Make informed decisions around promotion and ideal publishing conditions.


Compare jobs through standardised metrics

Capture digital metrics such as audience exposures, content impact, audience location, time of day and platform composition. Benchmark your content against historical performance.


Discover your content effectiveness with surveys

The Fabulate analytics survey captures details about the age and gender of your audience as well as their likelihood to buy, share your content or learn more about your product.


Fabulate analytics is included as part of each content job

Easy to install pixel

Download your pixel for each piece of content directly from within the platform. Copy and paste script directly into your tag manager.

Real-time dashboard

All content results are captured within your personalised dashboard. Data is updated in real-time and is saved within the platform.

UX friendly

Small page script file size and content survey only loads on greater than 75% scroll depth of your content. Fabulate never retargets your audience.

See how Fabulate analytics can work for your business

Get in contact with our team and find out how you can start using Fabulate analytics to prove the effectiveness of your content.