A handy way to see all active jobs at a glance.

Automatically updated based on the status of jobs that are managed within the platform. See where bottle necks are occurring and identify resources that can be deployed to other projects.


Automated accounting, invoicing and payments.

Let the platform handle billing and the chasing of payments so that you can spend more time ideating and creating your next great piece of branded content.


Australian based customer support.

Our team of content concierges are ready, willing and able to help you through each step of your content creation process.


On-Demand Creators

Access our vetted community of professional content creators and find the right one for your job.

Simplified production

Streamline content creation through an easy-to-use workflow that saves time and increases output.

Content measurement

Measure the effectiveness of your content with our content scorecard and live dashboards.

Digital asset management

Keep track of all of your assets and sort so your entire organisation can use them consistently.

Manage your team

Organise resources by job and advanced controls ensure the right people are managing campaigns.

PAYG pricing model

Free for customers to sign up and costs are set on a per-brief basis. Not charge until you commission content.


Fabulate is scalable for organisations of all sizes and levels of sophistication


The power of a publisher - ideation, production and distribution - at your finger tips.


Access the best talent and utilise tools to manage content creation on behalf of your clients.


Supercharge and streamline existing operations to free up your content team for future business.

Ready to take your content to the next level?

Request a free content consultation to learn how Fabulate can help your brand’s content ideation, creation, management, performance and distribution.