Publish your content at the click of a button

Take your brand’s content and distribute it to some of Australia’s favourite publishers, all from within the Fabulate platform.


Extend your content readership with targeted native advertising.

Boost the readership of your content through targeted native advertising solutions powered by Verizon Media.


The easiest way to create, promote and publish content

From pitch through to publishing the entire workflow is managed via cloud-based technology.

Everything is communicated, stored, reviewed within the Fabulate platform.


Brief in your content idea

Detail the type of content job you want developed, select from our betted list of creators and use our tools to make creation a breeze.

Select publishing partner

Select from some of Australia’s favourite content destinations. Each package includes promotion and audience guarantees.

Stay on task, publish on time

The distribution workroom assigns the right people to the job and keeps all of your files and information together.

Promote your content to Australia's largest native advertising marketplace

With Verizon Native you can access dozens of targeted customer segments that are powered by a rich data sets and target users in trusted editorial environments.

All available at the click of a button within the Fabulate platform.


The Vault unlocks your existing content for distribution

Upload all of your pre-created content to the Fabulate Vault and extend the existing reach of your campaigns.


Some of the great brands that are a part of the Fabulate Publishing Network.

Are you a publisher who would like to join Fabulate Publishing Network? 


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