Frequently Asked Questions

Creator FAQs

Fabulate is a content creation platform that connects creators with companies that require professional produced content. It is your one-stop shop for access to a pool of clients who understand the benefits of using skilled and experienced content creators to tell their brand’s stories.

Fabulate pricing varies depending on the length and type of content genre i.e. finance, lifestyle etc., that is commissioned by the client. We understand the success of our business relies heavily on making sure we respect the value of professionally generated content and remunerate our creators accordingly. We strive to achieve the most competitive rates with every job. Payment per job is clearly marked prior to you pitching for the work.

We charge the commissioning client a fee (on top of the cost of content creation) to access our platform workflow features, measurement tools and customer service team.

Once a job is commissioned we invoice the client. Where possible, clients are limited to 30-day billing terms. On completion of the job and payment of the invoice by the client, the transfer to you occurs.

Pitching for a content job is really simple – you can get started directly from your creator dashboard. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to pitch for content jobs.

Make space in the text editor, for where you would like to enter the image and click the Getty button on your toolbar. This will launch the Getty Images overlay search library.

Search for keywords that are relevant to the image that you would like to insert into your copy. You can select any of the images that are displayed in the overlay search window.

To learn more information about the Getty Images integration into the workroom, click here.

We produce all types of written content including articles, opinion pieces, whitepapers, eBooks etc. In the future, we will offer visual design products (infographics etc.) and other in-demand content types.

Anyone who values professionally produced content is our target customer. Everyone from large publishers, agencies, enterprise clients and SMEs can use our platform.

Our clients require expertise across a wide range of content topics. These may include Travel, Lifestyle, Food, Entertainment, Sport, Auto, Education, Technology, Finance, Media etc. We also require writers who are experienced in ghost-writing and SEO services. Please register your interest at www.fabulate.com.au/creators.

Fabulate wants to work with the most skilled and experienced content creators in order to deliver on our client’s expectations and build a sustainable ecosystem for quality content creation. On signing up, you will be expected to provide evidence of your experience.

Indemnity insurance gives clients and creators peace of mind and protection against issues such as legal costs and third party claims.

Not at this stage, however, we recommend the MEAA Freelance Pro coverage, which can be found here.

If you are stuck and need assistance, please reach out to contact@fabulate.com.au and a content concierge will get in touch with you.

Customer FAQs

Fabulate can produce an array of quality written and visual content on demand, for all of your marketing needs. Contact us to find out how we can assist with your content creation.

Posting a brief is really simple – you can get started directly from your client dashboard. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to post a brief.

Fabulate vets all creators at the time of sign up. They are required to provide proof of their experience and previously published work. Every creator has a Fabulate profile that showcases their portfolio of work and a content specialism that can be viewed prior to commissioning work. We’ve also built in a Fabulate ‘star’ rating in which previous clients can grade creators on their customer service.

Fabulate has a structured workflow that the platform follows in order to keep each job on task. Built into this are two rounds of reviews where you, as the client, can give complete feedback (using markups within the workroom text editor) around required changes. You can also use the external review functionality of the workroom to invite other people from within your organisation to contribute feedback.

Using experienced, professional creators has an immediate effect on the quality of the content created. In addition to this, we have proofreading services that check for spelling and grammatical errors prior to publishing. For further peace of mind, we also input each article into a plagiarism detector to ensure that each piece is unique.

The price varies depending on the product being commissioned and the content category. The price is disclosed up front prior to any payment being required.

The creator is paid on completion of the job and once final approval has been received from you. You have two rounds of reviews to make changes and the final stage includes proof reading.

For additional help contact support@fabulate.com.au

Fabulate has a tracking pixel that can be placed on a page wherever 3rd party pixels are allowed.  It is able to track audience reach, impact (active engagement) and other metrics such as intent to purchase, desire to find out more information or willingness to share the content.  All of the metrics are benchmarked by content category in order to provide insights on what has worked and what can be improved.

If you are stuck and need assistance, please reach out to contact@fabulate.com.au and a content concierge will get in touch with you.