Stop working for your content and have it start working for you.

Single content jobs often span weeks, across multiple stakeholders and hundreds of emails. To add to this stress your jobs often get bogged down in approvals hell, which significantly delays the publishing of your content.

The Fabulate content marketing platform makes it possible for everyone to succeed at creating quality content – providing access to talent, access to management tools, access to distribution solutions and access to measurement to prove ROI. From ideation through to publishing, Fabulate provides you with a centralised control room that keeps your files, your communication and your revisions in once place – all while significantly reducing the production effort of your content.

Up until now, making content has been hard, but through the use of smart technology we remove the ‘hard’ part. This means that you and your brand can focus on making great content that drives results for your business.


Utilise specially created, cloud based tools to create your content.

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Prove the effectiveness with our measurement solution

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Extend the reach of your content through paid distribution

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Packed with features

A diverse range of content creation tools aimed at reducing the stress and increasing the velocity at which you publish your content. All of these, and more, are included with each content job, without ongoing SaaS fees.

  • Creator network
  • Cloud-based text editor
  • Job level messaging
  • Milestone notifications
  • Add/Manage Users
  • Private brief controls
  • File Vault (DAM)
  • Content calendar
  • Internal team tasks
  • Visual design (coming soon)

Designed for all users – big and small

Scalable for any job, and as advanced as the user requires. The Fabulate platform is suitable for content teams, branded content studios or individual brands looking to create content. Regardless of your experience as a content marketer you will find something that will make your content creation process easier.

The Vault – your content repository

Bring all of the content that your business is creating together by importing into the Fabulate Vault. This means all users within your organisation (that have a Fabulate account) can easily access your files from the cloud.


Scale your content operations to suit your business

Need to create a large volume of content for a campaign, or maintain existing operations? We provide access to on-demand talent that can be engaged on long or short term arrangements. Through the outsourcing of your content creation you can keep internal teams focused and adapt to changing customer demands.

Manage your content team resources

Know exactly what your team is working on, and where they are in the production process. User permissions allow you to delegate tasks and control access to sensitive content details.


Get in contact to see how we can make the content creation process easier for your business.

    “The Fabulate creators have listened closely to creators, as well as agencies and clients, in building their platform, and it shows. It’s an efficient way to produce high-quality work.”

    – Jane Nicholls, Content Culture