May 8, 2024

Fabulate Collections: A New Approach to File Management for Influencers and Marketers


Fabulate is thrilled to announce the launch of Collections, a ground breaking feature designed to redefine file management within the influencer marketing ecosystem. As we continuously seek ways to enhance the experience of our users, Collections emerges as a pivotal innovation, offering unmatched control, customization, and organization of digital assets.

Bring order to thousands of campaign files

Elevating Collaboration with Collections

Showcases introduces "Collections," a feature that enables users to sort their files into easily shareable formats. This development is not just about keeping files organized; it's about enhancing collaboration and making it simpler to share content with teammates and external partners alike. Collections epitomize our commitment to streamlining workflows and fostering seamless interactions within the platform.

Seamless Connection to Projects and Tasks

Recognizing the dynamic needs of influencers and marketers, Collections allows for the effortless linking of files to projects and tasks with a single click. This integration bypasses the necessity for files to be stored natively on devices, providing a fluid, efficient approach to accessing and utilizing content exactly when it’s needed.

The refreshed Vault gives users more control than ever before

Comprehensive File Type Support

In our quest to accommodate the vast spectrum of content creators' needs, Collections significantly expands the types of files users can manage:

  • Audio: WAV, MP3
  • Image: PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF
  • Video: MOV, MP4

This enhancement ensures that no matter the medium, our platform stands ready to support the creative endeavours of our users.

Simplified Sharing Inside and Outside the Platform

With Collections, sharing your work becomes more straightforward than ever. Users can quickly share file links within the platform or include them in external communications, such as emails. This functionality is designed to make content distribution more efficient, extending the reach of your projects with ease.

AI Tagging: Revolutionizing File Organization

Leveraging the power of Amazon Recognition, Collections introduces AI tagging to automatically apply meta tags to visual files. This feature drastically simplifies the search and sorting process, allowing users to locate and organize their files with unprecedented ease. AI tagging represents our dedication to incorporating advanced technology to enhance platform usability.

Advanced Filtering for Swift Navigation

Showcases enhances user experience with increased filter control, enabling quicker and more precise sorting and filtering of files. This update is a direct response to our community's feedback, aimed at making file management as intuitive and effortless as possible.

Upload multiple files at once and have them upload in the background while you continue working

Enhancing Efficiency with Speedy and Background Uploads

In addition to the ground breaking features already mentioned, Collections is designed with efficiency at its core. We've optimized the speed of uploads to ensure that your content moves from your device to our platform swiftly. Collections allows for uploads to occur in the background, enabling you to continue navigating the platform, planning your next project, or refining current campaigns without pause. Furthermore, the capability to upload multiple files at once streamlines the content management process, allowing you to focus on creating and curating impactful content.

A Commitment to Innovation

The introduction of Collections marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide a platform that not only meets the current needs of influencers and marketers but also anticipates the future demands of the industry. This feature is a testament to our commitment to innovation, designed to offer a more organized, efficient, and creative workspace for all our users.

Collections are now available to all users on Fabulate, embodying our vision of a more connected, efficient, and creative platform for influencer marketing. We are excited to see how our community leverages this new feature to elevate their work and achieve greater success.

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