September 15, 2022

Fabulate expands offering to New Zealand

Market leading Australian social and content marketing workflow platform Fabulate will seek to shake up the New Zealand influencer


Market leading Australian social and content marketing workflow platform Fabulate will enter the New Zealand market partnering with Born Bred Talent at NZ Creator Day 

Market leading Australian social and content marketing workflow platform Fabulate will seek to shake up the New Zealand influencer and content marketing spaces by bringing its unique technology to the local market.

The platform launched its creator empowering offering to the New Zealand market working in conjunction with Born Bred Talent, the largest influencer agency in Australia and New Zealand, at their NZ Creator Day in Auckland on Wednesday evening.

In the room for Born Bred Talent’s NZ Creator Day, sponsored by social platform Tiktok, were more than 200 social creators, marketers and key local agencies executives keen to hear from Born Bred Talent founder Clare Winterbourne about the latest developments in social and what they mean for the New Zealand ad market.

Also addressing the room was Fabulate Chief Revenue Officer Ben Gunn who spoke about what Fabulate’s move into New Zealand could mean for the local influencer space.

“We are so proud to have worked with Born Bred Talent on today’s NZ Creator Day,” Gunn told the room. “In 2022, creating powerful and meaningful social content - that cuts through - is often the longest and most difficult part of any advertising campaign. New Zealand is now seeing consistent double digit growth as the social/influencer space and what Fabulate is seeking to do is provide creators and talent managers a platform that is simple, friendly and puts the creator at the heart of the process - significantly reducing the time it takes to bring an idea to life.

“Fabulate’s mission is simple: to give creators, brands and their agencies an effective and empowering workflow technology that simplifies that process.

“Our technology streamlines the entire process and our goal with this New Zealand launch is to shake up the rapidly evolving influencer and content marketing spaces.”

TikTok's informative panel educating the influencers in attendance how to best use their platform.

The New Zealand born founder Clare Winterbourn told the room that she was partnering with Fabulate because of its superior technology and the results she had seen it deliver for her creators.

“Fabulate is changing the game when it comes to influencer marketing, by not only streamlining communications, production and distribution but providing technology that allows creators to be easily accessible to some of Australia and New Zealand's leading brands and agencies,” said Winterbourn.

“We will be onboarding our entire New Zealand roster onto the platform and are very excited to have a platform that prioritizes an audience of value, as well as a level playing field when it comes to creator rates.  Historically, the creator marketplace in New Zealand has reported issues in regards to creator fee structure, audience of value and ROI on influencer campaigns, Fabulate will streamline all of these processes.

“As we see the influx of premium brands ‘test the waters’ with influencer marketing, and joining the Fabulate platform, we're excited for our creators to have the opportunity to work with such brands that weren't previously accessible in this market.”

Gunn said part of the power of the Fabulate technology was not just that it simplifies the often complex process of brands working with content creators but also that it helps them amplify that content across a network of premium publishers, bring new audiences and generating record levels of engagements with the content benefiting both the creator and the brand.

The new partnership with BBT will unlock unique tech to make campaigns easier to deliver.

Among the recent successful campaigns run on the Fabulate platform include some of Australia’s most influential content creators The Inspired Unemployed, We Got The Chocolates, Chantal Mila, Sebby Laz, Anna McEvoy, Ben & Zara, Sarah Magusara, Jasmine Txo, Kirrily Edwards, Sam Fricker, Verity Simmons and more.

Fabulate was co-founded three years ago, by former senior Nine executives Ben Gunn and Nathan Powell together with entrepreneur Toby Kennett and ex-Qantas executive Sachin Singh, with the aim to transform the way brands engage in the social media and content marketing space.

In the past year it has seen major brands such as Uber, Virgin Australia and World Vision sign on to use the platform in order to deliver quality social and content marketing campaigns at scale and velocity.  

“At Fabulate we want to empower New Zealand’s incredible creators and their managers and connect them with the right brands that they want to work with.”

About Fabulate

Fabulate was founded in order to transform the way brands and their agencies do content marketing. Our unique purpose-built technology connects Australia's best social creators and journalists, streamlining production through intuitive workflow management tools and enables seamless distribution across leading publishers and native ad tech solutions.