May 8, 2024

Pitching Guide


One of the most common questions we get at Fabulate is how to create a compelling pitch that not only stands out, but clearly conveys your information in a way that the marketer understands your concept quickly and easily

Pitches that are accompanied with a completed creator profile, compelling synopsis, snappy headlines and demonstrated understanding of the brief have the greatest chance of winning.

We have created the pitching process to be like an elevator pitch – for both you the creator and the marketer. This means for the creator, you aren't required to spend a large amount of time cultivating your response and for the marketer they have everything they need to make sure they can make an informed decision that the concept meets their brief.Let's introduce you to a few of these elements and how you can best use to your advantage.

Creator Portfolio

This is your business card and one of the ways in which a marketer will judge your credentials and whether you are right for this job. An incomplete portfolio is one of the first things a marketer will dismiss a pitch response on. The strongest portfolios all have:

  • A profile picture – allows marketers to put a face to the name
  • List of past publications – demonstrating where you have been published previously
  • Examples to past work – provides a flavour of your past work

It might sound simple, but until a marketer initiates a working relationship with you as a creator, this is their judge of you as a professional.

Compelling Synopsis and Snappy Headlines

No client expects you to provide a full write up of your concept, but they do expect to receive a taste of what the final product will represent. Below is an example of a strong response to brief:

A Story To Remember

A compelling story stays in the human mind well beyond its original telling, echoingfor months or even years. Technology has given brands the potential to tell their stories across multiple platforms and distribution channels and given them the power to be their own publishers.Before a client clicks into your full pitch, you need to grab their attention and prove that not only do you understand their brief requirements, but you have a creative concept that you can bring to life.

Demonstrated Understanding Of The Brief

Now you've got their attention, it's time to show that you can brief their campaign concept to life. As part of your brief response you are required to submit:

  • Brand Integration – how you will weave their brand into the content
  • Why You Are Suited For The Job – a pitch of your experience and past publications
  • Link To Previous Work – this can be a call to action to your Fabulate profile, or if there are pieces extremely relevant, we recommend linking direct

Before you respond, we encourage you to read all information provided in the brief carefully. Marketers will only include information if it is relevant and our standardised form, means that all marketers will be required to provide the same level of detail. Look for files that have been uploaded (usually these take the form of brand guidelines) and peruse any links provided. They will all add additional colour to your response that will give you the leg up.For each article that is requested in the briefing form, we require you to provide a headline and synopsis for each. A good synopsis is between 100-200 words.


We firmly believe in the concept of “creative darwinism”, where the best idea will survive on it's merits. That being said, the tips in this article will give you the best chance of stacking the odds in your favour. Getting the detail right in a pitch is the difference between your pitch being awarded or declined. Sometimes though a brief isn't up to scratch and requires attention. Click here to report an incomplete brief to a content concierge.