March 2, 2022

The New Fabulate platform BETA launches in late March

Nathan Powell

The evolution from ‘brief to project’ and how this has influenced the next generation design of the Fabulate platform.

In late March, we will begin the BETA access rollout of the new Fabulate platform to all accounts. 

Long term users will recognise the same Fabulate DNA within the new platform, but the features and the way you manage your projects will undertake a seismic shift.

The original version of the Fabulate platform was designed to work best on a one-to-one-to-one basis (creator, client and publishing partner). However, as the types of jobs booked through the Fabulate platform grew in complexity, more stakeholders were required to contribute to a content or distribution job. With this in mind, we have had to rethink the structured way in which the platform behaves.

This means you will have greater control over your projects - including the ability to add custom tasks to structured workflows and manage individual due dates. Fabulate 2.0 is smarter and gives you greater flexibility and options, enabling you to complete your content and distribution tasks easily.  

Our goal with this new platform has been to make it powerful enough for any project while making it simple enough for any task. 

In the lead up to release, here are the top five things you will notice that are different when you log in to the new Fabulate platform for the first time.

A new dashboard

Front and centre of the dashboard is a revised to-do list. A popular feature from the original platform, the to-do list has been built to more accurately display information that requires action. Clicking on a task will take you directly to the workspace that requires your attention (in the form of an overlay), meaning you can complete all active tasks without needing to leave the dashboard.

Once actioned, a task will be removed from your to-do list and be marked as complete. If you complete all of your tasks, the to-do list will disappear from view until something next hits your intray.

We have unified this view across all users - advertisers, creators and publishers - but left the ability to tailor content (via the useful content strap) and the right hand module so that it displays content that is relevant to each user type.

The new Fabulate dashboard provides a snapshot of active projects and helpful information.

A new workroom

The new workroom is probably the part of the platform that will look the most different to long time users of Fabulate. With our new project-based hierarchy, we can bring all tasks related to a project together into a single view. This means that you can access all of the tasks (content, distribution and internal) within a single click without having to leave the project workroom.

How you prefer your project information displayed is now in your complete control. You can display your project in the default grid view or switch to Kanban based on your personal preference. Not a fan of Kanban, but your creator is? Not a problem. You can work in grid view while they work in Kanban view - the workroom will automatically translate this for both users without any additional setup.

Need more or less detail? Add or remove columns based on what display works best for you. Filter your tasks by type, due date or user - you have the option to display as much (or as little) information as you like.

The new Fabulate workroom buckets tasks together for projects and provides more user control than ever before.

Task overlay window

The task overlay window is your view to every action required to complete a task. It houses everything from your production timeline to communication, file management and task activity history.

You can now control due dates of individual task milestones (an upgrade from the base platform, where this was only possible at a brief level) and appoint individual team members to elements of a task.

Communication is now linked at a task level (one layer deeper than before where it was locked to a brief level), meaning you can be more specific than ever with your feedback or questions without it getting lost amongst the wider thread. You can also now filter your messaging by user or production stage to make it even easier to find the historical message.

Advancing your creative projects just became easier through our centralised asset management tool, the Vault, where you can access files remotely from the cloud and comment directly on files for specific feedback. This will make it easier than ever to collaborate with your team on large or complex files.

The task overlay window houses all file details and due dates and is directly linked to platform reminders.

Access video, visual design and audio resources

With the launch of the new platform, we are onboarding new creator types and new ways for you to manage the creation and delivery of creative files.

From late March, we will onboard visual design, video and audio talent to help facilitate the creation of new content solutions. The production process can be managed via the Vault commenting tools to ensure that feedback is delivered seamlessly.

New creative types also provide the opportunity for new distribution channels. With just a few clicks, you can go from production to distribution with the new workroom.

Manage multimedia files with our new feedback tool.

Access projects anywhere, on any device

Need to quickly view a file in a meeting but don’t have your computer? Or need to update a deadline based on new information from your client? 

With the new platform, we have enabled Fabulate to be accessible from your mobile device, with all features scaled to fit the screen. 

This means all communication, file access and team management are available on any device.

Fabulate is now on any device, and accessible anywhere.


These are just the five most obvious changes on the new platform that you can start to use as soon as your account has been enabled. However, there are more than 100 new features that will make the management of your campaigns easier than ever.

As we get closer to launch, we will continue to reveal features and provide you with examples of how you can utilise these as part of your campaign.

Got questions on any of these new features? Send us an email for more information.