May 8, 2024

Need tips getting started with Fabulate Discovery?


A new way to research, compare and discover creators for your campaigns.

Discovery has been created to help brands and agencies (like you!) take the pain away from manually scrolling social media to find the perfect influencer/creator for your campaign.

So! The best way to start is to have an idea of the type of influencer/creator you’re looking for and hook right into the Discovery platform to have a play around.

Head to the Fabulate platform and click on the Discovery tab.

You’ll find this on the left-hand side of your screen. Once you click on the Discovery button, you’ll see a bunch of options for things you can “Discover”. For this example, we will be searching for some Influencers for our campaign, so we’ll be selecting that.

Stop the endless scroll through social media with Fabulate Discovery

A guide to your search options

Fine tune your search with powerful filters to find the right creative talent for your brand. With over 200M+ creators at your disposal filters help you fine tune your search across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Filter your data set with over 40+ filters to find your perfect match

Advanced filters

We have developed nitty gritty filters(more formally known as “Advanced Filters”) to get super specific with the type of influencers/creators you’re looking to work with for your campaign.

Advance Filters allow you to go deeper and richer with the data. For example, we can search influencers/creators’ growth rate, hashtags they’ve used in content or even the interests of their followers.

Try filtering by previous brand partnerships!

Hot Tip: Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal influencer and lean into the search options.

Looking for owners of dogs? Search “dog mum” in the bio section and we guarantee they’ll be plenty of options

Time to analyse!

Once you’ve found an influencer/creator that you’re interested in looking into, click “view profile” to unlock a full breakdown of their audience analytics, their other social channels and more.

Let’s dive deeper into some options on this page as well..

Rich data on each of the 200M+ profiles available on Fabulate Discovery

Prospect Lists

Remember how we spoke about Prospect Lists? Well, here is an example of (a very cute!) one. These lists are versatile, serving purposes like campaign planning, saving potential influencers for future campaigns, or organizing influencers for various brands you collaborate with.

Easy ways to sort your favourite creators

When you create a list, the technology automatically sorts them into four tabs:

  • Fabulate Influencers: Those already onboarded onto the platform.
  • Outreach Influencers: Those not yet on the platform, requiring onboarding through our Outreach Tool.
  • Content Creators: Traditional content creators responsible for written campaign content.
  • Distribution Products: A list of selected distribution products for your campaign.

Hot Tips

  • Think like an influencer. Looking for tradie creators? Use the keyword filter things like “smoko” or “tools” to find any creator that has mentioned those words in their content.
  • Use the platform to analyse what your competitors are doing in the space & who they’re working with.
  • Keep an eye on the results down the bottom of the filter page – this will help indicate if your filters are too broad and will encourage you to get a bit more nitty gritty with your search criteria.

Unlock Fabulate Discovery for your team today

Is your mobile screentime at an all time high because you're constantly scrolling to find the perfect creator for your next influencer marketing campaign? Elevate your influencer marketing efforts with Fabulate Discovery, a comprehensive platform that grants your entire team access to high-quality influencer data at scale. Effortlessly conduct research, analyse relevant insights, and efficiently shortlist influencers for your campaigns.

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Still more questions? Check out our Fabulate Discovery FAQs.