At Fabulate, we are not just another content mill (and couldn’t be further from it). We are also not just another job list, or noticeboard. We aim to be and provide so much more.

From the earliest days of developing Fabulate, our goal was to build a content platform that connects both clients and creators, while making a sustainable ecosystem for all involved in the content production process.

More than a year later, we are well on our way to delivering on this goal.

As we continue to grow our client base, we are always looking to expand our network of creators with talented subject matter experts. 

We read every creator application that applies to join the platform and that process is designed to not be exclusionary, but to ensure that we capture the best available freelance creator talent to work with our clients. We appreciate that in turn you expect only the best service and access to opportunities in return.

If this is your first experience with Fabulate, or you are on the fence about joining, here are seven reasons why you should take the plunge.


Still on the fence about Fabulate? Read on to learn more!

A Fabulate membership is free

It costs you no money to sign up to the Fabulate platform and there are no ongoing costs to manage and maintain your account. We regularly run features on creators within our network and find it is an effective tool of promoting talent to clients.

You also get access to your own creator portfolio that can be shared with clients off platform and used as your own promotional tool. To see an example of a sample creator profile click here.

Every job that is completed on the Fabulate platform is also covered by our creator indemnity insurance, which gives you even more coverage and protection when working with us.

We pride ourselves on paying fair rates

Our pricing structure is simple, each of the jobs on our platform are broken down into three tiers (organised by genre):

Tier 1:
Travel, fashion, lifestyle, parenting, beauty, celebrity, food & recipes, health and diet, fitness, entertainment, movies and TV, video gaming, books and music.

Tier 2:
Sport, automotive, education, property, mental well-being, environment, consumer technology, alcohol, culture and arts.

Tier 3:
Finance, personal finance, small business, business, technology and innovation, media, insurance, luxury automotive, luxury fashion and medicine

Each job and content piece is clearly labelled before you pitch, so you know exactly what you will be earning on completion. Members are emailed with relevant jobs as soon as they are added to the platform.

Our fee also never comes out of the listed amount, what you see displayed for each job is what you can expect to be paid on completion of the job.

We also don’t allow creators to compete on price – we’ve seen on other platforms how this can lead to a race to the bottom. Internally we believe in a process called “creative Darwinism” where the best idea survives and is the one that is selected by the client.

We work with a variety of clients (big and small)

Fabulate works with a long list of some of Australia’s largest clients. Our sales team works daily with brands, media agencies, creative and content agencies to identify new jobs to be uploaded to the platform.

We don’t suppress your identity

As part of your Fabulate membership we allow you to display your full name and link to any outside work. A huge part of the appeal of our clients working with creators on the Fabulate platform is that they get to research your past work and the publications you have been featured on.

While this is seen as a no-no on many different platforms (it’s referred to as supplier leakage) this transparency has helped us forge really strong working relationships with our creators. The most successful creators work with the platform (rather than work around it) and understand the additional benefits we bring beyond the listing of jobs.

Your success is directly linked to our success and we want to take every advantage we can to shine the spotlight on you.

Do you dread invoicing time each month? Hate chasing clients?

We take care of the boring bits (like chasing invoices)

Before we onboard a client onto the Fabulate platform, each client is required to agree to terms and conditions, whilst committing to payment terms. Generally clients agree to sign up to 30 day billing terms, which as long as a content job has been completed, we pay you within 48 hours.

The Fabulate platform automatically raises an invoice as soon as a job is awarded. 

On the occasion where a client is late with payment, our relationships with large clients and agencies (and being a pre set up vendor) allows us to easily chase on behalf of you.

We also do not escrow your payments, the money you have earned is yours and it should be with you as quickly as possible.

Our support team is there with you every step

Getting help when you need it is important. There are real people behind the Fabulate platform and as a creator your first port of call with any challenge is a content concierge.

The content concierge role at Fabulate works very similar to a hotel concierge. Don’t know where to go? They can point you in the right direction. Can’t get a hold of someone? They can help there as well. Need more information on something? You get the point. 

Importantly they are a friendly face (and a listening ear) for when you need it most and are only ever an email or phone call away. You can always reach a content concierge by sending an email to

We care and are always looking for ways to improve

We are always looking for ways to build our community (of both creators and clients) and the services that we provide. We always listen to feedback and a lot of product innovations are born out of community suggestions.

At our core we believe in the value that experienced content creators bring to brands (and the world) and do everything we can to protect and uphold that value.

Ready to become a Fabulate creator?

Congratulations if you have read the whole way to the end of this list. Hopefully by now you have all of the information you need to convince you to join our community of creators. 

All that is left is to head over to our creators page and register your interest.