FAQ - How to pitch for a content job

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Pitching for a content job is really simple - you can get started directly from your creator dashboard.

Step 1:

Scroll to the marketplace section of the dashboard, or visit New Briefs to see a list of active briefs.

The marketplace displays all new briefs availableBriefs are listed chronologically in order that they were posted by the client and can be further filtered by date and genre.Elements of note include:

  • Brief name - the campaign name and brand
  • Pitch due - the date which our pitch must be submitted to be considered
  • Genre - the category that this job best fits
  • Amount - the amount you will be paid for successfully winning the job
  • Pitches - these are the number of pitches already submitted
  • Contact - who is the client on this job
  • Material deadline - when the client expects to receive all content completed

To read a brief (and pitch) click on the campaign name in the first column.

Step 2:

In the ‘content job hub', on the brief summary tab you will see all of the information that is relevant to the job that the client is looking to produce.

The content job hub houses all details relevant to a content job and is ground central for any creationOnce you have read the brief (including any relevant attachments) you can click the ‘My Pitch' tab at the top of the page.

Step 3:

The pitching process is broken down into three steps:

  1. A teaser overview of the project
  2. A teaser of each piece of content
  3. Summary and confirmation

The goal at all times of this process is to provide the entree and not the main course. Submissions should be succinct and to the point. For page one, your submissions should cover:

  • Pitch headline - something that stops the client from scrolling and takes notice
  • Outline of your idea - a few sentences that speaks to how you will approach the content
  • Cover letter - your experience, why you are suited for this job, links to your portfolio etc.

The pitching form now includes the option to include a cover letterFor page two, your submissions should cover (for each content piece):

  • Headline: a potential headline for your content piece
  • Synopsis: a short synopsis of each content piece

Your pitch should take the form a 'teaser' of a commissioned jobPage three is a summary of your pitch, which you can go back and review prior to submission. Once submitted, the client is notified via email and on platform notifications.

How do I keep track of my active pitches?

Once you have pitched on an active content job, it moves from being displayed in the ‘Marketplace' section on the dashboard to ‘My pitches' (see below).

You can keep track of your active pitches on your dashboardYou can also go to My Pitches to view a complete list of all of your pitches. Clicking on the campaign name will take you to the ‘content job hub', where you can view or alter your pitch and communicate with the client.

What happens to my pitch once it has been accepted by a client?

If your pitch is accepted by a client, it will move from being ‘active' to ‘in progress' and will be moved filed at the top of your dashboard under ‘My briefs'.

Your commissioned jobs will sit at the top of your dashboardYou can reach the ‘workroom' by clicking the campaign name and navigating to it via the content job hub. You can also see a full list of all of your in progress jobs by visiting My Briefs.

What happens if my pitch is declined by a client?

If your pitch is declined by a client, you will receive a notification telling you that you were unsuccessful. Your pitch will remain on the platform in My Pitches and can be saved/used for other similar jobs.

Will other creators be able to see my pitch?

No. Only clients will ever be able to see your creative ideas and the work that you produce.

There is an active pitch in the marketplace, but I can't pitch on it.

This means that the pitch deadline has passed and the client has closed this off from receiving more pitches.

For more FAQs, visit the Fabulate FAQ section.