One of the first elements we wanted to tackle as part of our upcoming redesign, was the creator profile. 

Based on user testing, we know how important creator profiles are to clients when evaluating their selection. Taking this into account, along with your feedback, we have included some new features that weren’t present at the time of launch. The result is a profile that can easily be shared (on and off the Fabulate platform) and better highlights a sample of your experience.

To see a working profile in action, please click here. You can see your own link by visiting your User Profile from within the Fabulate platform, clicking ‘Get Public Link’ and pasting it into your preferred browser address bar.

Creator Profile 2.0 New Features

Publication history

We have designed a section in your creator profile where you can display your publication experience from a curated list of 50+ publishers. We will continue to build and add to this over time.  

To amend your publication history, go to User Profile from within the Fabulate platform and update the ‘Publication History’ section by selecting options from within the drop down list.

Better visual representation of portfolio links

Just like the previous creator profiles, you can add links of your work to your portfolio. We have made them easier to read on the new profiles by putting in visual thumbnails which makes them pop when clients are reading them. Any articles that you have already uploaded to your profile will automatically be updated to this new format.

To amend your portfolio links, go to User Profile from within the Fabulate platform and update the ‘Add files to portfolio’ section by adding your URLs.

Client testimonials

The last feature that we are enabling as part of creator profiles 2.0 is the client testimonial. Following a successful brief, the client has the option to write a testimonial of the work that you completed on their behalf. We are exploring different ways to get clients to update this without the need for you to chase them, but we encourage you at the end of every job to remind the client (via IM) to leave you a testimonial.

But it doesn’t stop there

We are always looking for new ways to update our features and welcome your feedback on how we can continue to improve the Fabulate platform. Exciting new features are coming soon.