The content compounding effect

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We have a saying at Fabulate, “Advertising comes and goes, but content lives forever”. If the content you create can ‘live forever', then over time, the more you create, the larger your content library becomes. For this reason, it is important to understand the impact this compounding has over time. We would all be familiar with the concept of compounding interest - earning interest on your interest and the exponential impact this has over the long term. Content works the same way, and if you look at it as a long-term investment, you will reap the rewards.Let me visualise what I'm talking about through the chart below. The light green bar is the amount of content produced and invested in each month by a client. The amount of content that is produced each month stays the same. Each month that goes by, there is more content in totality on the site and therefore more content that can be discovered, shared, commented on, and consumed. The blue bar is the number of people who come through to the site each month consuming the content that has been published. Here is where the compounding effect takes hold. In month one, the bar shows approximately 200,000 people consuming content on the site, but as the months roll by and you get to month ten, you have increased your monthly audience number to almost 550,000 or by more than 2.5x. Finally the yellow line shows the ROI you receive on your content investment. In this example after 10 months the client sees a 7X return on their content investment.When I think about the long term value that content delivers, I'm often reminded of a great Bill Gates quote. “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” Just imagine what volume of audience you can deliver long term when you commit to regularly producing content.Unlike other advertising formats, where you experience a decay rate over time on the effectiveness of the ad, content provides an exponential growth opportunity. There isn't another tool available to marketers that continues to add value over time like that of content.Another way to think about it is like when you invest in a brand new pair of shoes. If you only wear those shoes one time, your cost per wear would be quite high, but each time you wear them, the cost per wear reduces. This works the same for content. Each time someone comes through and consumes the piece of content that you have produced, the cost per audience consumption reduces, and the ROI you receive as a result continues to climb.The important message here is that the best time to start producing content on a consistent basis was yesterday. The next best time is now!The client view of the workroom still allows the ability to skip to editing or publishing or send back to the creator for additional attention. When providing feedback on Word documents, you should use the inbuilt commenting functionality of the native application.Work and communication that is taken off platform will not qualify for customer support and indemnity insurance. Here is a helpful guide on how to manage stakeholders, communication and the completion of work on the Fabulate platform.We are really excited by these new updates and where they can lead. They will help streamline both your workflow and the management of feedback and changes. There is lots more to look forward to in the coming months, so keep an eye out for further announcements.The next evolution of Fabulate aims to give you more control and choice than ever before.